Mathias Rechtzigel


CHS was one of my favorite clients while I was at Horizontal. Over the three years there was always an enhancement to be made, across their countless platforms. All in support of their farmer partners.

In late 2016 all of this work culiminated in a reinvisioning of the content authoring experience and a rebranding of their main site leveraging flexible tile based components that could be reconfigured in multiple different ways. This project had a very tight turnaround to showcase the digital teams capabilities before their Annual Meeting in December of 2016.

The concept of an tiled experience was easy to imagine but the permutations of how the components had to react across multiple breakpoints required some design strategy on my part. A tile is just a tile until you have to take into account flexible imagery, titles, and a variety of breakpoints.

This was one of the first projects I really dove into a content authoring experience using Sitecore Experience Accelerator. I was leveraging Squarespace on some of my personal freelance projects for clients who wanted a lighter touch when it came to custom developed websites and I was blown away at how easy it was on a platform that only cost $20 a month and my goal was to make SXA even more configurable.

The foundation of this experience is still being used today.

Screenshot of the tiled experience. Screenshot of another tiled experience..