Mathias Rechtzigel


When your client has a family of eight award-winning websites that need to be updated so that they are responsive and meet the needs of their customers you take a lot of care in creating a technical system to ensure that the

Masterbrand #

Masterbrand is the parent brand of a family of semi custom kitchen cabinetry. With this as the root theme it set the basis for the children brands. With the existing branding built as a un-responsive website but with the business need of not wanting to redesign any backend logic we got to work stripping out all of the CSS and starting from scratch.

Masterbrand's website on mobile
Masterbrand's website on tablet
Masterbrand's website on desktop.

Cabinet Sub-brands #

With seven other themes to rebrand in similiar ways we got to work stripping out the CSS and rebuilding it from scratch. The HTML across all of the websites was similiar enough that we could get into a repeatable cadence but it was different enough that every single brand needed to be crafted on it's own. The designs were also different in the since that the margins, paddings, and borders between components neede bespoke HTML to accomodate our creative directors vision. This is just a sampling, but just imagine 6 other of these wonderful websites all with different paddings, margins, fonts, and colors that needed to be pixel perfect on desktop, but flexible for mobile and tablet.

aristokraft's website on mobile
aristokraft's website on tablet
aristokraft's website on desktop