Mathias Rechtzigel

TCF Bank

In 2015 TCF Bank was branding and bringing themselves into the 2010's. I stepped up to lead the translation between agencies and work hand-in-hand with our business partners for the final visual flourishes.

One jump ahead of the rebrand #

Horizontal Integration partnered with an outside agency to provide the designs for this 2015 rebrand of TCF Bank. I was responsible for partnering with our sitecore technologists and translating the atomic designed components into the Sitecore authoring experience.

Screenshot of tcf bank rebrand.

One label ahead of the flock #

After the launch, there was an inordinate amount of folks calling the call center. The design leveraged iconography for much of the buttons across the site and users were havin trouble finding things, such as the Log in button. TCF Bank, like most banks at the time had to go through some hoops to deploy code for safety and security reasons.

Fortunately we had screen reader labels on all icons and after some quick thinking I created a CSS snippet that we could inject through Sitecore without having to do a deployment.

Since then I've been a staunch advocate of putting labels on everything.

Screenshot of login without label. Screenshot of login without label.